5 Necklines to Try This Wedding Season!

They say a woman’s décolleté is one of her most attractive features. Long neck, prominent collar bones, delicate shoulders and an upright spine - nothing makes a woman look more poised or confident. It’s no surprise then, that women spend so much time and effort explaining their desired necklines to their tailors!

And with good reason – a neckline that flatters your shoulders and décolleté makes a huge difference to your entire appearance. Necklines are also an important fashion statement – and they get a lot of attention from designers, tailors, and other women as well. For wedding attire, a fashionable and becoming neckline can significantly enhance a blouse pattern or a saree drape. But what neckline do you pick?

When it comes to wedding wear, a neckline needs to be more than just fashionable – it needs to be-

1. Comfortable: You don’t want something slipping in and out of it!

2. Modest: You can’t afford to scandalise the paatis and aunties

3. Suitable: Your neckline should be accentuating your best features

This can all be too complicated, but that’s what we’re here for!

Diva’s collection of gowns, cholis and suits feature a variety of necklines, all tailored keeping in mind the current trends as well as different body types and tastes.

1. The Mandarin Collar


Mandarin collars are an ABSOLUTE must-have in every woman’s festive wear. They look classy, elegant and are a classic fashion style that will never be outdated. But just ensure your mandarin collar is actually a ‘collar’ and not a regular Jewel or O-neck with a trim! A front button placket adds to the charm and look of this neckline.

Suits: Almost everyone! Seriously, there’s no one who doesn’t look good in mandarin collars. However, it really flatters petite frames with a small bust. If you’re top heavy, you can still carry this off, just ensure your bodice is a solid colour without any print or embroidery.

Bling it up: Chunky earrings – danglers, drops or even geometric ones look great with mandarin collars. And who says you can’t wear necklaces with collars?! Actress Sonam Kapoor loves her collars and pairs them up with beautiful statement necklaces every time!


2. The Jewel/O-Neck


This is one of the latest trends this season. Originally meant and suited for western attire, a lot of designers have started incorporating it into traditional outfits – and it looks absolutely fab. A Jewel Neckline gives a distinctly modern and western look to your traditional blouse or choli, making it sort of a fashion statement. While simple to look at, it does wonders for an outfit – take a look at this crop-top styled choli with a Jewel neck – contemporary and classy. Keep this outfit handy for cocktail parties and sangeet ceremonies.

Suits: This type of neckline looks best on small-busted women and especially greta on those with long neck.

Bling it up: While there isn’t much scope for necklaces with this neck style, you can still add a chunky bib necklace for fun. Large earrings in drops or danglers will complete this look! Deepika Padukone wears a pair of ornate traditional jhumkis and leaves the necklace behind with her O-neck anarkali


3. The Off-Shoulder


While a bit bold, the off-shoulder is still a classic neckline that remains a favourite when it comes to western or Indian wear. A fair number of Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities have made this a favourite cut and it’s also extremely popular among wedding attires. If you are not too comfortable with skin-show on your wedding day, DIVA just sorted things for you – combining an off-shoulder with a sheer jewel neckline covering your décolleté! The best of both worlds. Go with an off-shoulder gown or anarkali for your reception and blush at the admiring glances!

Suits: Off-shoulder necklines flatter both – top heavy and well as petite women - although if you’re on the thin side, you might want to stay away from this neckline. It gives the appearance of broad shoulders, creating an hourglass like figure.

Bling it up: If going bare shouldered look – a drop necklace or choker is a must-have accessory. If opting for a more modest sheer coverage look, ditch the necklace, and don some great dangling earrings!

4. The Sweet-Heart


The sweet heart neckline is extremely popular, and true to it’s name – a total crowd pleaser. The glitch however is that not everyone can carry this off as it is quite bold and it requires a certain body type to flaunt it well. DIVA’s silhouette, however combines the sweetheart with a sheer Jewel neck bodice with cap sleeves – making it totally wearable for a wedding reception. While hugely popular in the west, the sweet heart hasn’t managed to win the hearts of a lot of Indian women – but once you try it out – you will certainly love it!

Suits: The bare shouldered look suits those on the slimmer side – with prominent collar bones and well defined shoulders. However, the covered up look suits everyone.

Bling it up: A drop necklace looks absolutely stunning on bare shoulders. With a sheer o-neck, opt for earrings and a cuff to complete the look.

5. The Boat


Boat necks are also another recently popular style that seem to have caught on like the flu! It is stylish, contemporary and goes really well with Indian ethnic outfits. Boat neck blouses and anarkalis look great and give you ample scope for jewellery too!

Suits: Boat necks look best on slim women who aren’t very heavy on the top. Top heavy women should avoid boat necks as it makes you look heavier.

Bling it on: While boat necks look great by themselves, you can choose to accessorize with a choker necklace and matching earrings. You can even layer the choker with a long malai. With this neckline, there’s no need to hold back!

Experimenting with different necklines is probably the most fun part of playing dress up. And finding the perfect neckline for yourself is simply the icing on the cake! With these hints and ideas – get yourself an envious silhouette and rock that wedding!