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Dark, Bold & Mysterious – Turn Heads with these Ethnic Gowns in Deep Shades

What woman doesn’t love colour?! Bright Reds, Bold Pinks, Stark Oranges and Eye-popping Yellows – these are essentials in every woman’s wardrobe – particular when it comes to festive and wedding wear.  Add to these the eye-catching neon hues, stark bright contrasts and a whole lot of shimmer and you have one dazzling bride and her equally striking coterie! But every once in a while it’s a good idea to ditch the corals and the fuschias and turn towards something more understated and yet equally bewitching. Enter maroon, burgundy, navy, plum grey and ochre. Don’t balk yet. Gorgeous ethnic gowns in seductively dusky shades are just what you need to take you from a bubbly, chirpy girl to a woman...

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5 Necklines to Try This Wedding Season!

They say a woman’s décolleté is one of her most attractive features. Long neck, prominent collar bones, delicate shoulders and an upright spine - nothing makes a woman look more poised or confident. It’s no surprise then, that women spend so much time and effort explaining their desired necklines to their tailors! And with good reason – a neckline that flatters your shoulders and décolleté makes a huge difference to your entire appearance. Necklines are also an important fashion statement – and they get a lot of attention from designers, tailors, and other women as well. For wedding attire, a fashionable and becoming neckline can significantly enhance a blouse pattern or a saree drape. But what neckline do you pick?...

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