About us

Diva. A name synonymous with beauty, elegance and panache. With humble beginnings under the aegis of Hi-Style, Diva today has come a long way. Diva stores aren't mere marketplaces where to buy clothes. We are in the business of opulence and grandeur. We are in the business of making you a Diva. The motivation behind Diva was, is and always will be - you. Diva's patrons keep us going. Year after year we put patrons before profit. And that's why we have such a beautiful relationship with everyone who walks through our doors. Diva brings you the latest collections from not only the hottest brands but also designers from all over India. Some of our offerings even feature Avantgarde collections which you wouldn't get anywhere else. In fact some of our exquisite collections will leave you spellbound.

With stores in Chennai, Pondicherry & Coimbatore, we are expanding our network of exclusive stores to cater to women everywhere.

Our friendly customer care staff and lively store ambiance make sure you have the most pleasurable shopping experience.

So, come and visit Diva to explore all the hidden facets of your individuality. Create your own style, be your own stylist, be a Diva!